Stuff to Hold Your Stuff


80 pages
ISBN 1-55337-745-1
DDC j646.4'8





Illustrations by Bernice Lum
Reviewed by Janet Collins

Janet Collins is a freelance writer in Sechelt, British Columbia.


Kids of all ages enjoy the opportunity to get creative, and as they grow
older, they also take a more active role in deciding what they wear.
These two volumes from the Planet Girl series shows that with a little
creativity, children as young as 10 years old can create unique
fashionable clothes that reflect their personal style.

In Injeanuity, Warwick focuses on a range of cool clothes and
accessories that are fun and easy to make. The basis for each project is
a pair of old jeans. For example, when a triangular piece of fabric is
added to the outside seam, straight legs become trendy bell bottoms. Or
change denim pants into a hip little skirt, a pair of slippers, or a
cool carry-all. Step-by-step instructions for each of the 17 projects
are clearly stated, well illustrated, and easy to follow. Warwick also
provides sewing basics, such as information about tracing papers, seams
vs. hems, embroidery, and more.

Stuff to Hold Your Stuff contains directions for 16 projects that will
have creative fashionistas making their own unique accessories. From
handbags and totes to wallets and yoga mat bags, there’s lots of
inspiration here for creating stuff to hold stuff. Younger readers might
need some help operating a glue gun or using a utility knife, but
experienced sewers will find ideas to get them started on projects that
make the most of their creativity.

Coil binding for both books allows them to lie flat on the table so
directions can be easily followed. Best of all, the books are designed
to inspire further creativity, encouraging readers to develop their own
style. Both books are recommended.


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