Countosaurus: The Dinosaur Picnic Counting Book


24 pages
ISBN 0-920985-56-4
DDC j513'.2





Illustrations by Andrea Carter
Reviewed by Ethel M. King-Shaw

Ethel M. King-Shaw is a professor emeritus of curriculum and instruction
at the University of Calgary.


Dinosaurs have always held a special appeal for most young children,
even though the creatures’ names are difficult to pronounce. This book
begins with a simplified pronunciation guide. Double-page illustrations
in bold colors portray dinosaurs participating in such ridiculous
activities as juggling rocks, swimming in designer bathing suits,
roller-skating, trampolining, and ballet dancing. Most of the short
story, written in lyric rhyme, revolves around the dinosaur picnic.

The book’s main purpose is to present the number concepts from one to
ten in a variety of ways. The numerals are presented clearly in the
lower left-hand-corner, with the corresponding word printed in bold
type. A stylized form of the numeral is hidden in the picture. Small
pictures of each dinosaur are presented in sequence and cumulatively to
form a border suitable for promoting rational counting.

Countasaurus is a different kind of counting book, for those who like a
humorous approach.


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