Sing a Song of Mother Goose


40 pages
ISBN 0-590-71781-2
DDC j398'.8





Edited by Barbara Reid
Photos by Ian Crysler
Reviewed by Jami van Haaften

Jami van Haaften is a professional librarian and author of An Index to
Selected Canadian Provincial Government Publications for Librarians,
Teachers and Booksellers.


Forty nursery rhymes that can be read aloud, sung, or performed with
finger-lay motions are collected in this volume. Children hearing Mother
Goose rhymes for the first time or older children now able to read on
their own will enjoy this presentation.

Freelance illustrator Barbara Reid uses plasticine illustrations to
accompany the text. Top and bottom margins contain vine-covered
lattice-work as a common thread connecting one page to the next.
Colorful three-dimensional characters and scenery combine with
large-print text in a layout pleasing to the eye. Reid has received
numerous honors for her illustrations of children’s books, including a
Canada Council award for her second book, Have You Seen Birds?

Art director Kathryn Cole and photographer Ian Crysler are also
credited in the production of this volume, which is issued in French
under the title Un, deux, trois, voilа la Mиre l’Oie!


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