Penelope, Book 4: Christmas Reunion


122 pages
Contains Maps
ISBN 0-14-301670-9
DDC jC813'.6




Illustrations by Janet Wilson

Elisabeth Anne MacDonald-Murray is a private scholar, writing and
editing in Souris, Manitoba.


Penelope, now attending a private girls’ school in Montreal, is
awaiting the arrival of her father and sisters as the family reunites
for Christmas at Grandmama’s house. The Great War is over, and the
many upheavals in Penelope’s family are finally at an end, but she
still has some decisions to make about her future—and they’re hard
ones. Penelope’s father wants her to return to Halifax with him and
her sisters, but Penelope doesn’t want to leave her grandmother and
her life in Montreal.

Written in the lively and engaging style that has characterized the Our
Canadian Girl series, Christmas Reunion, which marks the end of the
Penelope stories, is highly recommended.


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