Down at the Seaweed Café


32 pages
ISBN 1-55192-473-0
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Greta Guzek
Reviewed by Dosi Cotroneo

Dosi Cotroneo is a freelance writer living in Manotick, Ontario.


Everyone’s welcome “down at the Seaweed Café,” where seaweed tea
is served all day. The Seaweed Café is the place to be for watching
ships, birds, seals, and whales. Regulars stop by and tell their salty
tales of beaches roamed and treasures found, of shipwrecks and sea
monsters. When the tall-tale telling is over, everyone sings and dances
into the night until all of the boats parade home in the moonlight.

Down at the Seaweed Café would make a fun read-aloud picture book for
younger children. Robert Perry’s rhyming verses have a lyrical flow
like the waves on a beach. Greta Guzek’s beautifully detailed images
are filled with the vibrant blues, greens, and purples of the ocean.
Together they bring the Pacific coast to life. Recommended.


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