Jasper's Day


32 pages
ISBN 1-55074-957-9
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Janet Wilson
Reviewed by Carol Bodrug

Carol Bodrug is a former elementary-school teacher with the Durham Board
of Education.


This story celebrates the life of golden retriever Jasper, who is dying
of cancer. On their beloved dog’s last day, Riley and his family
reminisce about Jasper’s life. They also take him to places he loved
and offer him special food. After Jasper’s death (from a shot at the
vets), he is buried in the backyard with his favorite things. Riley
makes a memory book of Jasper’s life.

The soft pastel illustrations show the love the family had for Jasper.
The simple, eloquent text expresses a depth of feeling that will
resonate with anyone who has lost a treasured pet. While children and
families who have faced the death of a pet may gain comfort from this
book, its general appeal is very limited. Because the story could be
upsetting to some children, it should probably not be read in a large
group or classroom setting unless a special situation concerning death
arises. Recommended with reservations.


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