The Wyrd of Willowmere


253 pages
ISBN 0-14-301531-1
DDC jC813'.54




Reviewed by Liz Dennett

Liz Dennett is a public service librarian in the Science and Technology
Library at the University of Alberta.


The third and final instalment in the Willowmere Chronicles continues
the story of 16-year-old Claire Norton, a revenant who remembers her two
past lives. As a revenant, she and her familiar, Leo, and her mentor,
Myra, are struggling to figure out what the van Burens, her enemies from
her past lives, are up to. However, Claire must also deal with the
day-to-day life of being a “regular” teenager; she goes to school,
tries to make new friends and meet boys, and tries to find out about her
missing mother, whom she suspects left her and her dad in order to
protect them from the van Burens.

At times, Claire enters the spirit world of Pandaimonium (a pun on
pandemonium) to gather information and to confront the spirits who are
working with the van Burens in an effort to reduce humans to unthinking
slaves whose bodies can be taken over by the evil spirits.

Many young readers will likely enjoy the supernatural elements of the
book and their integration into regular life. The author has imagined an
interesting and complex additional dimension for Claire to function in.
However, this can be a problem at times, as awkward and overly
explanatory dialogue is sometimes used to introduce this unfamiliar
dimension to the reader. Recommended with reservations.


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