Gatherings: The En'owkin Journal of First North American Peoples, Vol. 9


152 pages
ISBN 0-919441-84-X
DDC C810.8'0897





Edited by Greg Young-Ing
Reviewed by Edward L. Edmonds

Edward L. Edmonds is a professor of education at the University of
Prince Edward Island and honorary chief of the Mi’kmaq of Prince
Edward Island.


In Gatherings, Vol. 8 (1996), all of the contributors express attachment
to a way of life that for them is rich and fulfilling. In Gatherings,
Vol. 9, which is judiciously edited by Greg Young-Ing under the
encompassing theme of “Beyond Victimization: Forging a Path to
Celebration,” contributors vigorously express traditional aboriginal
spirituality and culture. Contributions vary in depth, depending on the
age of the contributor (which is given in succinct endnotes). For
example, there is the simplistic credo of the young in 11Ѕ-year-old
Michelle’s “I Remember”; there is also the incisive criticism of
Dawn Karina Pettigrew and the quest for a philosophy of life by veteran
Jack Forbes. A mastery of the English language manifests itself
throughout, though for some an awareness of the mother tongue is never
far away: “When I speak to you in Cree, I acknowledge you as

This latest volume in the series is an enjoyable one. The prospect of
another volume celebrating a decade of Gatherings looks distinctly


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