Waiting for the Sun


32 pages
ISBN 0-88995-238-8
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Marilyn Mets and Peter Ledwon

Valentina Cesaratto is a high-school teacher specializing in dramatic
arts and film studies.


Little Mollie spends her summer days on the prairie farm, waiting with
anticipation the arrival of her new baby sibling. While she waits, the
youngster prepares all the things that she will show the baby: tadpoles,
hens, eggs, and a tractor. But when the baby is born, she is
disappointed. Her baby brother is very small and in her opinion, ugly!
What can she do with a baby so small and helpless? Mollie’s parents
and grandmother let here know that although the baby is small now, he
will soon grow up and be able to run and play with her. Until then,
Mollie can hold the baby and show him the sunrise every morning.

Waiting for the Sun is a warm, delightful book that brilliantly
captures in dialogue and illustrations Mollie’s feelings. The dialogue
is descriptive, gentle, and wonderful to read, and the illustrations
depict a realism that is absolutely amazing. Any reader will treasure
this book as much for the story as for the illustrations. Highly


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