The Book of You: The Science—and Fun!—of Why You Look, Feel, and Act the Way You Do


48 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-895688-95-7
DDC j155.2





Photos by Gilbert Duclos
Illustrations by Susanna Denti
Reviewed by Elizabeth Levin

Elizabeth Levin is a professor of psychology at Laurentian University.


The Book of You is a fascinating introduction to the human sciences,
especially psychology. The first section, “How You Look,” explores
the science of genes, the fact that one-half of our face is not a mirror
image of the other half, fingerprinting and palm reading, growth and
conceptions of beauty. The second section, “What You Do,” looks at
body language, personal space, handedness, birth order, astrology, and
numerology. The final section, “How You Think and Feel,” is about
different kinds of intelligence, the senses, dreaming and remembering,
sex differences, and personality.

Each section contains interesting trivia, such as your nose continues
to lengthen throughout your life and you are tallest early in the
morning—both due to the effects of gravity. Each section also includes
activities to try alone or with friends, such as picking up on cues that
someone is lying, what your handwriting says about you, and how to boost
your emotional intelligence and your memory. The book is attractively
presented and illustrated and is sure to appeal to young readers. Highly


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