Visual and Performing Artists


48 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 1-896990-86-X
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Christine Linge MacDonald, a past director of the Toronto & District
Parent Co-operative Preschool Corporation and a freelance writer, is an
elementary school teacher in Whitby, Ontario.


This 10–volume series presents biographies of dozens of well-known
Canadians. These “remarkable people” are assigned to individual
volumes: Athletes, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Humanitarians,
Inventors, Prime Ministers, Scientists, Singers, Visual and Performing
Artists, and Writers. (Mysteriously, opera singers Ben Heppner and
Teresa Stratas are found in Visual and Performing Artists, not in
Singers, which is devoted entirely to contemporary popular artists.)

Each volume explores in some depth the lives of six individuals, giving
each person six fact-filled pages. The biographies are organized under
the headings “Early Years,” “Developing Skills,” and
“Accomplishments.” Sidebars, titled “Key Events,”
“Backgrounder,” and “Quick Notes,” along with two or three
revealing quotes, are scattered over the pages, each highlighted in
colors chosen from an appealing palette.

Aiming their text at junior and intermediate readers, the various
authors achieve an uncluttered but upbeat documentary style. Challenging
vocabulary or jargon is boldfaced for easy reference in a glossary. A
liberal sprinkling of photographs, maps, and attractive graphics make
these volumes eminently readable.

Besides the in-depth profiles, each book includes one- to two-paragraph
thumbnail sketches of 12 additional notable Canadians in that field.
Although some readers may be disappointed at the exclusion of a
particular favorite, the editors have been conspicuously even-handed in
balancing genders, genres, political biases, and racial origin in their

Attractive and informative, this series may indeed “inspire young
Canadians in forging their own paths in becoming Great Canadians.”
Highly recommended.


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