Midnight Firefighter


32 pages
ISBN 0-7737-6090-3
DDC jC813'.54




Illustrations by Michael Martchenko

Valentina Cesaratto is a high-school teacher specializing in dramatic
arts and film studies.


Matthew’s firefighting adventure begins around midnight when he wakes
up to get himself a drink of water. A big red rocket flies into his room
and he puts it out with his glass of water. A few minutes later, Fast
Eddie the firefighter climbs into Matthew’s room to thank him for
putting out the rocket. He asks Matthew if he would like to join him in
fighting some fires. Before long they are heading off to the “The
Midnight Turkey’s Rocket And Marshmallow Store.” The silly turkeys
have set off a rocket explosion, and Matthew and Fast Eddie come to the

Morgan’s story is fast paced and “explosive.” An adult would
enjoy reading this story to a child and looking at the illustrations. A
child just learning to read would enjoy the imaginative storyline. What
young child hasn’t pretended to be a hero? The story’s only drawback
may be having to explain to a child that marshmallows are not an
important food which when eaten raw give you more vitamins. This is a
“pretend” statement meant to be fun, just like Matthew’s midnight
adventure. Highly recommended.


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