Matthew and the Midnight Bank


32 pages
ISBN 0-7737-6134-9
DDC jC813'.54




Illustrations by Michael Martchenko

Brenda Baltensperger is a playwright, a director of children’s
theatre, an editor of children’s fiction, and the author of Fractured


Matthew is concerned when, instead of playing Secret Monopoly with him,
his mother has to balance her chequebook and pay the bills. He is afraid
that they will run out of money, but his mother reassures him that they
have money in the bank where it grows.

Matthew finds a penny on the porch and decides to plant it and grow a
money bush. His midnight adventure begins when he picks the money from
the bush and Fargoe, who arrives on a scooter, invites Matthew to team
up with him for a game of Midnight Monopoly being held at the Midnight
Bank. The participants are a variety of animals and birds who use
different types of currency, from cedar chips to balloons.

During the game, Matthew spies a band of dangerous pigeons sneaking
into the bank’s basement. He follows them and foils their attempts to
rob the bank. Matthew is given a reward for his heroics. He takes his
reward money to the bank teller and balances his mother’s chequebook.

Unfortunately, the story fails to clarify the difference between real
and play money, which I believe was one of its objectives. Nevertheless,
the charming narrative and colorful illustrations are as entertaining as
those found in other books in the Matthew series. Recommended with


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