One Special Tree


32 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-439-98767-9
DDC jC813'.54





Valentina Cesaratto is a high-school teacher specializing in dramatic
arts and film studies.


Zoe, her brother Stephan, their dog Jasper, and Mom and Dad go to the
corner lot to choose their Christmas tree. There are many fine trees on
display, but Zoe picks one that is thin and has lost some of its
branches. The family tries to talk Zoe out of her choice but through her
tears she explains to them “that it is this tree or no tree.” The
tree is brought home and with lavish and unusual decorations they are
able to turn it into the most beautiful tree they’ve ever had.

Although Olena Kassian’s story is short, it is extremely poignant.
Through her very expressive illustrations, there is no mistaking the
feelings and emotions of the characters involved. The story goes right
to the heart of what Christmas should be about. For children, to have
the opportunity to pick a Christmas tree always seems to make the season
extra special. The choosing of the Christmas tree somehow gives them a
special feeling of pride and some ownership of the event, not to mention
a grand feeling of participation and recognition. One Special Tree is
highly recommended.


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