Gibson's Guide to Graduate and Professional Programs at Ontario Universities 1995


166 pages
ISBN 0-7713-0450-1
DDC 378.1'553'09713





Alexander D. Gregor is associate dean of the Faculty of Education at the
University of Manitoba and co-editor of Postsecondary Education in
Canada: The Cultural Agenda.


This updated version of Dyanne Gibson’s excellent guide for
prospective applicants to graduate and professional programs at Ontario
universities is particularly useful in the way it provides not just raw
information, but also a broader basis of “why” and “how.” The
prospective student is introduced to the pros and cons of advanced
study, to the options available, and to the strategies of finding and
getting into the right school and program.

A checklist provides a basis for comparing the respective institutions
and programs. Among the matters prospective applicants are urged to
consider are the size of the program (numbers of staff and students);
program structure (e.g., residency and language requirements); program
options (e.g., part-time study); alternative program formats (e.g.,
joint and interdisciplinary programs, co-op programs, and internships);
and funding prospects.

Profiles of the individual institutions give information on facilities,
library resources, student services, financial support, procedures for
international students, programs and program regulations, graduate
application regulations and procedures, and contact people. The student
is then led through the particulars of the application process.
Additional sections include information on the general characteristics
of various professional programs, on admission tests and
English-language tests, on international credential equivalents, and on
financial-aid publications.

This guide should be recommended reading for anyone thinking of
pursuing advanced study at an Ontario university.


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