Changing Course: An Agenda for Real Reform of Canadian Education


188 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 0-7744-0428-0
DDC 370'.971





Alexander D. Gregor is associate dean of the Faculty of Education at the
University of Manitoba and co-editor of Postsecondary Education in
Canada: The Cultural Agenda.


There is probably nothing more critical to the survival of our country
than its educational system. According to the author of this timely and
highly readable book, “Canadian education is in trouble.”
Gallagher’s investigation of the full scope of education—from
preschool to graduate school, and from formal to nonformal—leads him
to conclude that an examination of education (society’s various needs
and goals) must necessarily precede an emphasis on schooling (the
institutional means). He argues for an educational system that reflects
the economic and social realities of postindustrialism and that places
the community, not the professionals, at the centre of educational

This book should be read by everyone interested in, or affected by,
Canada’s educational system.


Gallagher, Paul., “Changing Course: An Agenda for Real Reform of Canadian Education,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed June 22, 2024,