The Ghost in the Old Roxy


95 pages
ISBN 0-920259-48-0
DDC jC813'.54





Reviewed by Pat Galloway

Pat Galloway is the resource librarian for the Toronto & District Parent
Co-operative Preschool Corporation.


This is a well-written and predictable mystery for children ages 9 to
11. Fans of Mary Blakeslee’s Lemon Street Gang adventures will welcome
the gang’s return and its new case. In their latest appearance, the
four friends and amateur detectives uncover devious doings and an
apparition in an old movie house.

This book’s rapidly developing plot touches all the bases required in
a good juvenile mystery. The gang uncovers new clues relating to the
robbery of the town’s lottery funds. When local authorities are
sceptical, the young detectives pursue the truth into a dangerous
situation, extricate themselves (without adult assistance), and
apprehend the real culprit. Young readers will find this a satisfying

The only flaw in the book is a lack of character development. The plot
might be more engrossing if readers had more insight into the
characters’ personalities. However, the text is very readable and the
dialogue has an authentic ring. The Ghost in the Old Roxy will make a
good addition to the mystery lover’s bookshelf. Recommended.


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