Surviving Canada's Separation Anxiety: Taking Control of Your Financial Future


128 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 1-55013-780-8
DDC 332.024'00971





Reviewed by Raymond B. Blake

Raymond B. Blake is director of the Centre for Canadian Studies at Mount
Allison University and the author of Canadians at Last: Canada
Integrates Newfoundland as a Province.


A mere 20 years ago, the prospect of Quebec separation seemed very
remote. Since the referendum of October 1995, however, increasing
numbers of Canadians have come to view separation as inevitable. This
book endeavors to prepare Canadian investors for the next referendum.
The authors recommend that investors limit their exposure to
Quebec-based companies and concentrate instead on companies (such as the
Toronto-based CAE Inc.) that are involved in the global marketplace.
Their most valuable advice for investors is to select quality equities
and hold for the long term without worrying about short-term

Surviving Canada’s Separation Anxiety is a delightful little book for
those who are more interested in protecting their investments than in
understanding the forces driving the separatist movement.


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