Peru, the Land


32 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-86505-221-2
DDC j985




Reviewed by Pat Galloway

Pat Galloway, formerly the resource librarian at the Toronto & District
Parent Co-operative Preschool Corporation, is currently with the
Scarborough Public Library.


These latest titles in Kalman’s Lands, Peoples, and Cultures series
use striking photography, an easy-to-read format, and bold headings to
encapsulate basic geographical and social information about Peru.

Peru: The Land focuses on the characteristics, resources, and natural
landmarks of the country’s various regions. It also touches on the
diversity of cultures created by the varied environmental
conditions—making it almost as much about population and social
conditions as about the land—and discusses fishing, logging,
agriculture, and the difficulties of transportation over the country’s
mostly mountainous terrain. The chapter on weaving, however, seems more
suited to the second book.

Peru: The People and Culture introduces readers to the grandeur of
Peru’s ancient civilizations. It explains how Inca rituals and beliefs
are reflected in the customs of modern Peru, using Native and Spanish
words and phrases in the process. It also describes contemporary
Peruvian society, but does not circumvent references to the immense gulf
between the living conditions of the rich and the poor.

These visually stunning, informative books impart a strong and
memorable image of Peru. Recommended.


Kalman, Bobbie, and David Schimpky., “Peru, the Land,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 19, 2024,