Places to Go, People to See, Things to Do, All Across Canada


328 pages
Contains Photos, Maps, Index
ISBN 0-590-74550-6
DDC 917.104'647





Illustrations by Mary Jane Gerber
Reviewed by Pat Galloway

Pat Galloway, formerly the resource librarian at the Toronto & District
Parent Co-operative Preschool Corporation, is currently with the
Scarborough Public Library.


Good readers of any age don’t have to be planning a trip to enjoy this
eye-catching guide to Canada. Abeles presents a wealth of historical
information and amusing anecdotes about many of Canada’s best-known
and more-obscure sites. (For example, the well-written entries on
intriguing, but little-known, sites like Toronto’s Norman Elder Museum
or Vancouver’s Museum of the Exotic World vividly project the
personalities of their quirky proprietors.) The book is organized by
province and region. Drawings and logos are plentiful, and there is good
map and legend detail. Wide margins are thoughtfully provided for
note-takers, and basic information on the educational resources
available at each site is included. Abeles’s breezy, readable style
will keep readers chuckling. Highly recommended.


Abeles, E. Joan., “Places to Go, People to See, Things to Do, All Across Canada,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 22, 2024,