The Lost Locket


71 pages
ISBN 0-590-74587-5
DDC jC813'.54






Illustrations by Susan Gardos
Reviewed by Lynn Manuel

Lynn Manuel writes mystery novels for young adults and is the author of
Return to Cranberry Farm.


On Rosaline’s 8th birthday, she is given her great-grandmother’s
heart-shaped gold locket, which has a diamond at its centre. She insists
on taking it to school to show everyone, but when she does, the locket
disappears from her desk. Roz is determined to find it before her mother
realizes it’s missing. So, with her best friend, Sam, she plays
detective and discovers the locket in the possession of the class bully,
Curtis. In the process of retrieving it, Roz learns to stand up not only
to Curtis but also to Sam, who can be rather bossy.

Written in the first person, this delightful mystery manages to capture
the world of an 8-year-old with energy and humor in an easy-to-read
style. Recommended.


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