To the Mountains by Morning


32 pages
ISBN 0-88899-227-0
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Ange Zhang
Reviewed by Mary Stevens

Mary Stevens is an elementary-school teacher-librarian with the Waterloo
Roman Catholic Separate School Board.


This tale of two horses, set in the foothills of the Rockies, pits the
serenity and wisdom of Old Bailey, the chestnut mare, against the
strength and intolerance of Stocking, the young male. When a new owner
takes over the riding stable where the horses reside, Old Bailey is
slated to become dog food. Old Bailey and Stocking form a surprising
partnership and escape to the mountains. There is no neat resolution
here; guaranteed survival is not as important as the freedom to choose.

The story is narrated from the horses’ point of view, a perspective
enhanced by Ange Zhang’s sensitive illustrations of horses and near
caricatures of humans. The book’s emphasis on hope and freedom from
oppression will appeal to children who throng to movies like Free Willy.
To the Mountains by Morning would make a worthy addition for a school or
public library. Recommended.


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