The Tiny Kite of Eddie Wing


24 pages
ISBN 0-7737-2865-1
DDC jC813'.54




Illustrations by Al Van Mil
Reviewed by Deborah Dowson

Deborah Dowson is a children’s librarian in Pickering, Ontario.


The essence of this work is expressed in the marvelous painting that
illustrates the first page. Eddie Wing stands with his back to the
family flower stall, which is a mass of wildly colored blossoms. The
vibrant sea of flowers and his parents laughing together in the
background contrasts vividly with Eddie’s dignified and serious
expression. Eddie’s eyes are lifted to the sky in the direction of his
desire and his dreams. All he can think about is kites and kite flying.
Eddie believes in his dream, and his conviction captures the
imaginations of those around him. The fact that he has no money to buy a
kite of his own does not deter him from realizing his passion, even if
only in his imagination.

Others begin to believe that they too can see Eddie’s imaginary kite
flying high in the sky. Eddie’s example inspires an elderly man to
realize his dream, harbored since boyhood, of becoming a poet. Each
dreamer gives to the other the gift of making that person’s dream

This is a lovely work. The story unfolds honestly and cleanly in clear,
simple prose. The paintings are fresh, the faces and landscapes innocent
and serene. Tempering the feelings of sadness and longing expressed in
the book is a sense of quiet determination. By meeting the challenge of
life with acceptance and dignity, Eddie is an example to all who face
obstacles. Highly recommended.


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