Rise and Shine


32 pages
ISBN 0-679-30819-9
DDC j782.42164'0268





Illustrations by Eugenie Fernandes
Reviewed by Deborah Dowson

Deborah Dowson is a children’s librarian in Pickering, Ontario.


Raffi’s “Songs to Read” series is based on the idea that songs
that appeal to preschool children will make appealing books, that the
repetition and patterns children recognize in a song will be equally
enjoyable in a picture-book format.

In Rise and Shine, Raffi combines the lyrics of his popular
children’s song with enticing illustrations by Eugenie Fernandes.
Through the song’s words, children can visualize a rising sun on a
coastal maritime morning, rolling fields, city neighborhoods, vast
prairies, mountains, and the far north. The diversity of scenes and
cultures within Canada are well represented. Cheerful movement, warm
faces, vivid color, and the bright sun draw readers through the book.
Reading the text aloud is fine, but children will have much more fun
singing it. This is a must have for all children’s library
collections. Highly recommended.


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