Surviving Your Parents' Divorce: A Guide for Young Canadians


234 pages
ISBN 0-13-455736-0
DDC j306.89




Reviewed by Charlotte Neff

Charlotte Neff is an associate professor of law and justice at
Laurentian University, and co-author of The Annotated Competition Act


This book is for any young person whose parents are going through a
separation or divorce. The author, a family lawyer, writes lucidly on
such topics as marriage requirements; the meaning of separation; divorce
rights and process; custody and access; spousal and child support;
division of property; the roles of lawyers, judges, mediators, and
social workers; and the mechanics of settlement, separation agreements,
mediation, and court hearings. Real-life examples enliven his
discussion. A short glossary and sample legal documents help the reader
to understand legal technicalities.

The book is more than a legal guide. It is also a survival guide,
directed at helping young people to deal with a wide variety of
psychological and emotional questions. Why do people divorce? Why should
children not blame themselves? What can they do to help themselves deal
with their own feelings? Checklists help readers to answer some of these

For children of separated or divorced parents, this book is a must
read. Highly recommended.


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