Quincy Rumpel and the All-Day Breakfast


118 pages
ISBN 0-88899-225-4
DDC jC813'.54





Margaret Bunel Edwards is the author of Little Stitch, The Ocean
Between, and The ABCs of Writing for Children.


Strange events and situations occur when Quincy Rumpel makes plans for
an all-day breakfast in order to entice guests to her family’s ranch.
The Begels, who are new guests, are interested to the point of suspicion
in a moose painting by Quincy’s sister Leah. Aunt Fran arrives from
Alberta and begins to do weird things like hiding in the barn. Her
arrival coincides with that of two men who say they are Mounties but
turn out to be art dealers.

With its fast-moving plot, imaginative twists, and liberal doses of
humor and confusion, this book—the latest in the Quincy Rumpel
series—should appeal to middle-school readers. Recommended.


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