Ashley and the Soapy Suds Flying Club


88 pages
ISBN 0-9680528-0-0
DDC jC813'.54






Reviewed by Leigh Dodds

Leigh Dodds is an elementary-school teacher in North Bay, Ontario.


Ashley uses her own special soap bubble mix to make a bubble large
enough to climb into and travel around in. With her friends Stephanie
and Kristine, she forms the Soapy Suds Flying Club and embarks on a trip
to Japan. While in the soap bubble, the girls become invisible and time
stands still. Over the course of their voyage, they experience a
thunderstorm, a tornado, an earthquake, and an avalanche, yet
miraculously emerge unscathed. In Japan, they meet a family from whom
they learn about Japanese culture, gaining knowledge that they will use
and profit from following their return.

The idea of floating around the world in a bubble is an interesting
one. Unfortunately, this book is marred by too many unanswered
questions. How is Ashley able to return home without any navigational
aids? Why are she and her friends extremely knowledgable about many
subjects and yet totally unfamiliar with calligraphy and journal
writing? Careless editing and a disappointing conclusion further detract
from the story. Not recommended.


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