Dr. Ah Chu and Jonah's Egg


58 pages
ISBN 1-895854-23-7
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Philippe Germain
Reviewed by Deborah Dowson

Deborah Dowson is a children’s librarian in Pickering, Ontario.


Jonah is feeling a little lonely now that his older sister is too
sophisticated to play with him. He decides he would like a baby chick
for a pet, but his mother buys him a pet canary instead. However, since
Jonah really wants a baby chick, he takes an egg from the refrigerator,
places it under the cat, and waits for it to hatch. Jonah’s
exasperated sister is unable to convince Jonah that an unfertilized egg
cannot hatch. That night, a 1000-year-old Chinese doctor appears in
Jonah’s dreams and presents him with detailed factual information
about human and animal reproduction. Still, Doctor Ah Chu concurs that
miracles can occur. For Jonah, a miracle does occur.

This fascinating and intellectually challenging story demonstrates the
process of gathering information, using experimentation, and
problem-solving. It also delves unexpectedly into the realm of dreams
and faith and relationships. Be prepared for a diagram, albeit a sketchy
one, of the human female reproductive cycle. Highly recommended.


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