Emma and the Trees


24 pages
ISBN 0-920813-11-9
DDC jC813'.54




Illustrations by Polly Keeshig-Tobias
Translated by Rose Nadjiwon
Reviewed by Reneé B. Meloche

Renée B. Meloche is an instructional consultant with the Halton Board
of Education.


One winter day during a trip to the store, Emma continues to scream her
displeasure with the event. Finally, her mother seeks inspiration from
the trees. She tells Emma that the trees are waving at her, beseeching
her not to cry. The moment Emma blinks and looks up, she begins a
special bond with the trees. Now, trees everywhere know her. They wave
to her and say, “Isn’t it a nice day?”

This gentle and quietly evocative story is nicely complemented by
simple yet effective sketches. Recommended.


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