Harold and Harold


45 pages
ISBN 0-919001-94-7
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Terry Roscoe

Margaret Bunel Edwards is the author of Little Stitch, The Ocean
Between, and The ABCs of Writing for Children.


Harold is lonely until he makes friends with a long-legged heron he
names Harold. Harold brings food to the heron, and soon the bird tells
him his secrets. Harold, the bird, lives on Ledgy Island off the shores
of Nova Scotia. Dangerous to approach by water because of its rock
formation, it is the ideal spot for a people-shy heron. A sudden storm
leads Harold’s parents and neighbors to think he is lost, but the
situation resolves itself happily.

The friendship of boy and bird will leave young readers with a warm
feeling. The many black-and-white sketches of Harold and Harold, Ledgy
Island, and shoreline scenes will encourage the beginning reader. Highly


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