A Touch of Heaven


16 pages
ISBN 1-895292-81-6
DDC jC813'.54






Illustrations by Clayton Stachniak
Reviewed by Deborah Dowson

Deborah Dowson is a children’s librarian in Caledon East, Ontario.


Ted’s little sister Rena is returning from hospital after a lengthy
stay. Although Rena is still convalescing, their mother allows them to
go to the park if they promise to take it easy. After gazing at the
clouds for some time, Rena notices a child angel who has fallen into
some bushes in the park. The young angel explains that she is a just
learning to fly, and that when she leaned over to look at her mom on
earth she fell down. The angel describes singing in a choir and learning
to play the harp, keeping her robes white, and guarding children on
earth. The children help the angel repair her wing and she returns to
heaven. As Ted and his sister walk home arm in arm, they agree that
heaven would not be a frightening place to go.

Ann Smitten, a grandmother, wrote this book for her grandchildren. Its
central message—that heaven is a place of angels and choirs—is
intended to offer comfort to children who are facing death.
Unfortunately, the illustrations are unappealing and the book’s
production overall is amateurish. Not recommended.


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