The Official Kids' Book of Baseball. 3rd ed.


158 pages
ISBN 0-679-30864-4
DDC j796.357




Illustrations by Stephen Quinlan and K.C. Rasmussen
Reviewed by Ian A. Andrews

Ian A. Andrews is a high-school social sciences teacher and editor of the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association’s Focus.


This excellent introduction to the game of baseball explains in simple
language everything from the construction of bat and ball to the
responsibilities of each positional player. There are lucidly presented
player and team statistics, a brief history of the major leagues, and
interesting tidbits of information, such as the probable source of the
7th-inning stretch and the location of the first recorded baseball game
(Beachville, Ontario, in 1838).

The author promotes the idea of sportsmanship and is selective in his
introductions; he does not, for example, explain how to throw a curve
ball, a motion that might hurt a young arm. Despite some obvious biases
(such as Jordan’s preference for the designated hitter) and a decision
not to provide measurements in metric, this book should be a required
source for young baseball players.


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