If Two Are Dead


168 pages
ISBN 0-590-24976-2
DDC jC813'.54





Reviewed by Sheree Haughian

Sheree Haughian is an elementary-school teacher-librarian with the
Dufferin County Board of Education and the author of The Private Journal
of Day Applepenny, Prisoner.


Lost Lake in northern Ontario is the setting for mysterious and
dangerous doings. As summer draws to a close, young David McCrimmon and
his Scottish friend, Sandy, drive up to inspect the abandoned lodge that
the McCrimmon family has recently inherited. Within hours of their
arrival, they have encountered a suspicious road “accident,” a
warning phone message, and stories of hauntings at remote Lost Lake.
Eventually, the intrepid pair stumble upon a brutal operation that
threatens the animal life of the region.

Despite some unnecessary telegraphing of the story’s shocking secret,
this mystery adventure is a page-turner with interesting and believable
characters. Recommended.


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