No Fixed Address


180 pages
ISBN 0-590-12378-5
DDC jC813'.54





Reviewed by Lesley Shortt

Lesley Shortt is an elementary-school teacher in Milton, Ontario.


Sabie Pincher is alone in the world after her mother suddenly dies. To
avoid being sent to live with the father who abandoned her at an early
age, Sabie flees to the Chateau Chrysler, an urban campsite she and her
mother discovered a few weeks earlier. She goes busking with her violin
to survive.

Weeks later, Sabie meets and moves in with Estelle, an old woman who
lives in a house filled with junk. One night Sabie returns home to find
Estelle burning all her mementos of her deceased son. Things get out of
hand and Sabie ends up in the hospital; there she meets Ann, a social
worker, who begins the process of reuniting Sabie with her father.

This story of life on the street is hard-hitting and thought-provoking.
Highly recommended for mature readers.


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