Surviving Your Parents' Divorce: A Guide for Young Canadians


200 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-471-64398-X
DDC j306.89




Reviewed by Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas is a middle-school guidance counselor, teacher, anad social
worker in Milton, Ontario.


In Surviving Your Parent’s Divorce, Michael Cochrane, an Ontario
lawyer, tries to cover the waterfront of legal information about
separation and divorce. With good intentions, he starts by convincing
young people that divorce is not their fault. Unfortunately, he remains
rooted in lawyer’s shoes, neglecting information about guidance
professionals—social workers, school counselors, child and youth
workers, psychologists employed in schools and mental health
agencies—who are there to support children on an individual or group

While detailed, the information covering custody, access, and the court
process comes with bias. The author suggests how children should deal
with violence, dangerously assuming strength on their part. Earlier, he
asserts that not until children are nine years old, can their opinions
be helpful.

This guide, which is Ontario-specific and includes only Ontario legal
papers, would be a useful addition to the library of professional
counselors, who could refer child clients to its chapters. Parents may
find parts of the book helpful in trying to discuss particular issues
with their children. Recommended with reservations.


Cochrane, Michael G., “Surviving Your Parents' Divorce: A Guide for Young Canadians,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed April 12, 2024,