Israel, the Culture


32 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 0-86505-231-X
DDC 956.94




Illustrations by William Kimber

Valentina Cesaratto is a high-school teacher specializing in dramatic
arts and film studies.


Whether read for geographical, religious, cultural, or social studies,
these three volumes are an excellent source of information about the
Israel of today. The books are well written, with enough detail to give
a young person a good overview of modern Israeli life. Brilliantly
colorful photographs and diagrams complement the informative text.

Israel: The People describes Israel’s history, from its ancient roots
to the creation of the homeland, and features excellent photographs of
the country’s people, places, environment, religions, and daily
activities. Israel: The Land, which also features great photographs,
looks at the country’s landscape, modern and ancient cities, wildlife,
weather, agriculture, and industry. Israel: The Culture, which shows
Israel as a country of several faiths living together, focuses on its
holidays, celebrations, art, music, entertainment, and language, and
ends with a delightful children’s story.

This Lands, Peoples, and Cultures series is highly recommended for home
and elementary school libraries, as well as for young-adult first-time
travelers to the Middle East who would like a brief yet informative
study of contemporary Israel.


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