Change of Plans: Towards a Non-Sexist Sustainable City


185 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-920059-33-3
DDC 307.1'216'082





Edited by Margrit Eichler
Reviewed by Lynn Bestari

Lynn Bestari is a community development consultant in Guelph, Ontario.


This book examines urban planning from both a women’s perspective and
an ecologically sustainable perspective. Its eight chapters deal with
general aspects of planning an ecologically sustainable city; planning
thought and action; the negative effects of housing policy and housing
stock on women’s lives; health-risk assessment and its lack of focus
on vulnerable populations such as women, the poor, and children;
personal-security issues; urban agriculture and food self-reliance; and
the overuse of automobiles in our cities.

The perspective offered in Change of Plans is a refreshing one and
would be of particular interest to planners, community development
workers, architects, landscape architects and designers, transportation
and health-risk experts, and housing-policy analysts.


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