The Kids Can Press French and English Phrase Book


40 pages
ISBN 1-55074-477-1
DDC j433'.21





Illustrations by Linda Hendry
Reviewed by John Walker

John Walker is a professor of Spanish at Queen’s University.


The Kids Can Press Spanish and French phrase books present settings,
situations, and problems that children can readily identify with. Each
of these useful language guides consists of 200 basic phrases, a word
list, and a collection of verbs. The volumes are identical in procedure
and format. Both tell the story of an 8-year-old Canadian girl, Rosa
(Rose), who has a brother named Juan, parents and grandparents, and a
dog. Shopping, birthdays, school, the doctor’s office, the beach, the
country, and soccer are among the activities and settings through which
individual and family problems are presented. Bright and colorful
illustrations accompany the relevant and multiculturally inclusive text.
Both of these children’s language books are highly recommended.


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