Cockpits of the Cold War


192 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 1-55046-405-1
DDC 623.7'46049




Photos by Dan Patterson
Reviewed by Gordon C. Shaw

Gordon C. Shaw is professor emeritus in the Faculty of Administrative
Studies at York University.


This book “takes the reader inside the cockpits” of 39 of the most
prominent aircraft of the Cold War period. Of this number, 18 are from
the United States, 12 from the United Kingdom, three from Sweden, four
from the USSR, and one each from Canada and France. The Canadian
aircraft, the AVRO CF-100, was reportedly the “best
first-generation” jet fighter of the Cold War. It is said to have made
the RCAF the world’s most modern air force during the early 1950s.

Following an introduction, there is a profile for each aircraft. Each
features the author’s description of the plane and its history. This
is followed by “Pilot’s Perspective,” a critical analysis of the
plane’s strong and weak points for either a combat or a reconnaissance
mission. These texts are accompanied by at least two photos of the plane
along with two pictures of the cockpit.

The well-written text is supplemented by a bibliography, a list of
relevant periodicals, and a useful index. This accessible, handsomely
produced book is recommended as both a technical reference and a general
read for those interested in military aviation during the Cold War.


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