A Good Enough Life: The Dying Speak


323 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 0-86492-352-X
DDC 155.9'37




Reviewed by Patricia Ross

Patricia Ross is a professor of psychology at Laurentian University.


A Good Enough Life is the result of extensive conversations that took
place between the author and 12 terminally ill patients over a period of
hundreds of hours. The people Gabori interviewed reflect on their
situation with remarkable candor as they share monologues and anecdotes.
At least half suggest that their terminal illness has been a positive
experience in that it has led to greater self-understanding as well as a
sense of acceptance as the end of life approaches. Some of the details
shared by the interviewees are deeply disturbing, but in the final
analysis A Good Enough Life is an inspirational book. It invites its
readers to contemplate their own lives and to consider how the choices
they make today may affect their own eventual path toward death.


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