Heroic Rescues at Sea: True Stories of the Canadian Coast Guard


266 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-55109-394-4
DDC 363.12'381'0971





Reviewed by Michael A. Fleming

Michael A. Fleming is a doctoral fellow, Coasts Under Stress, at the
Memorial University of Newfoundland.


It is justifiably common for the heroic deeds of firefighters, police
officers, and the Armed Forces to capture the public’s attention.
However, one group of emergency response workers who are often
overlooked are the selfless men and women who patrol Canada’s coastal
waters and inland seas. The Canadian Coast Guard, apart from providing
essential services in icebreaking, establishing safety codes for marine
vessels, maintaining communications networks vital to the integrity of
the shipping industry and pleasure boaters, and aiding in the collection
of scientific data, is also the first line of defence and protection for
those who depend on safe coastal and inland waters.

Heroic Rescues at Sea provides a glimpse into the lives of the
reluctant heroes drawn to the Canadian Coast Guard’s Search and Rescue
(CCGSR) units. Working at sea is undeniably one of the most dangerous
occupations, so when accidents inevitably happen, Canadian and foreign
mariners alike find solace in the knowledge that the Coast Guard will
always come to their rescue. Heroic Rescues at Sea is a compilation of
stories and experiences as told to the author by CCGSR members
themselves. The accounts not only capture in chilling detail the
perilous situations the team members face, but also underscore the
rescuers’ common bond—a love of the sea and respect for its
power—and their dedication to the safety of others.


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