Alias Bob Dylan Revisited


351 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 0-88995-227-2
DDC 782.42164'092





Reviewed by Geoffrey Harder

Geoffrey Harder is a public services librarian and manager, Knowledge Common, in the Science and Technology Library of the University of Alberta.


Stephen Scobie, a professor of English and well-established authority on
the life and work of the legendary Bob Dylan, presents an extensively
updated version of his highly acclaimed 1991 book, Alias Bob Dylan.

Scobie displays an almost exhaustive knowledge of the life of the man
once known as Robert Zimmerman. His study is rigorous and extensive,
cutting a broad swath through the masses of work that Dylan continues to
leave behind. Falling into the category of literary criticism, it
provides an in-depth examination of Dylan’s writings, songs, often
baffling cinematic undertakings, and life as celebrity and icon. Scobie
outlines several larger themes evident throughout Dylan’s career, such
as the recurring themes of “The Prophet” and “The Trickster.” At
other times, he hones in on specific works, such as the song
“Brownsville Girl,” deconstructing each lyric in order to open the
often enigmatic mind of Dylan up to the reader.

This provocative and engagingly written book belongs in the libraries
of those with a true appreciation for Dylan’s art.


Scobie, Stephen., “Alias Bob Dylan Revisited,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed May 20, 2024,