The Penguin Book of More Canadian Jokes


466 pages
ISBN 0-14-301490-0
DDC C818'.60208




Reviewed by Dave Jenkinson

Dave Jenkinson is a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba and the author of the “Portraits” section of Emergency Librarian.


This sequel to The Penguin Book of Canadian Jokes (2001) consists of
jokes, humorous anecdotes, and funny bits of lore that Colombo has
assembled into 26 thematically organized chapters. Although the vast
majority of the collection’s content is appropriate for a reader as
young as a high-schooler, in his preface, Colombo does caution readers
that “Viewer discretion is advised” regarding some portions of the
collection’s contents.

In addition to some politically incorrect Newfie jokes, Colombo also
has a 16-page segment, “Sex and Other Vital Matters,” which he
lightheartedly introduces by acknowledging that “[t]here are some
X-rated jokes in this chapter.” As in the earlier volume, Colombo
offers a short preamble to each of the themed chapters and, particularly
when he is providing anecdotes, presents a few lines of context for
those readers who may not be aware of the people or situations on which
the anecdotes are based. The individual items range in length from a few
lines to more than a page.

Colombo has included humour relating to such Canadian subjects as
hockey (“Hockey Daze in Canada”) and our seeming obsession with the
weather (“Weather in the Course of Human Events”). He also includes
material on more universal subjects, such as religion (“Among the
Believers”) and education (“Teacher’s Dirty Looks”), and finds
their Canadian connection. Appropriately, some of the content of
“Bi-Bi Jokes” (bilingualism and biculturalism) requires a basic
reading knowledge of French.

Not a book to be read cover to cover in one sitting or when sitting
next to someone who does not want to be interrupted by the reader’s
constant plea, “I’ve got just one more to share with you,” this
collection offer groans, smiles, titters, chuckles, and the occasional
outright burst of laughter.


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