Mike Weir: The Road to the Masters


242 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 0-7710-7572-3
DDC 796.352'092




Reviewed by C.E. (Kit) Lefroy

C.E. (Kit) Lefroy is the director of the School of Sports Administration
at Laurentian University.


Generally, societies live by myths that they believe set them apart from
all others. One of the important myths that Canadians love to embrace is
that of the little guy who stands up to the bully and prevails because
of his hard work, skill, perseverance, and passion for the challenge.
Occasionally, this myth becomes a reality. In this book, Lorne
Rubenstein takes the reader through Mike Weir’s long and sometimes
tortuous journey from a promising junior golfer to the green jacket, one
of the most sought-after symbols of golfing success.

Rubenstein begins with a short introduction describing the clutch putt
that Weir made to force the playoff that led to his first major. As he
does throughout the book, the author describes not only the event, but
the background and Mike Weir’s thoughts as well. His use of flashbacks
(some going as far back as Weir’s youth in Bright’s Grove) helps to
shed light on who Mike Weir is as a golfer and as a person.

Rubenstein’s message is straightforward: in golf, as in life,
progress is rarely easy, nor is the path to success straight or even
certain. Mike Weir’s fascinating journey is proof of that. This book
should be on every Canadian golfer’s must-read list.


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