Barry Lazar's Taste of Montreal: Tracking Down the Foods of the World


278 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 1-55065-175-7
DDC 647.95714'28






Reviewed by Bruce Grainger

Bruce Grainger is head of the Public Services Department, Macdonald
Library, McGill University.


This handbook originated as a series of columns in the Montreal Gazette
that described various ethnic foods available in the city. Each food or
flavour is arranged alphabetically, from “anchovies” to
“zershk.” A page or more is devoted to explaining the preparation
and use of each. In some cases the author provides recipes and
information on where the ingredients may be purchased. Although not
encyclopedic in coverage, this section includes more than 100 foods or
flavourings. The author also includes a list of 10 favourite taste
treats and where to get them, a list of public markets, and a guide to
shops and restaurants. Separate indexes are provided for the shops and
restaurants, “Taste of Montreal,” and recipe sections.

Whether the foods are as common as olive oil or oatmeal, as distinctly
Québécois as poutine or tourtiиre, or as exotic as Angostura bitters
or verjus, the many interesting facts presented will pique your interest
as well as your taste buds. Recommended for Montrealers and tourists who
wish to experience the city’s varied cuisine.


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