I Brake for Butterflies: Finding Divinity in All That Is


109 pages
ISBN 1-897113-45-5
DDC 204'.4




Reviewed by Tanya Rogoschewsky

Tanya Rogoschewsky is a librarian at Red Deer College in Red Deer,


Judith M. Campbell is a wellness consultant and the author of
energwellness.ca (2004). She has more than 30 years’ experience in
community and occupational health nursing.

In I Brake for Butterflies, Campbell invites readers on a spiritual
journey—a journey that doesn’t involve the luggage of any particular
religion. One of her main objectives in writing the book is to help us
move from the busy, self-critical place most of us inhabit—with its
patterns of worry and anger—to what she regards as our natural place
of peace and joy.

Have you ever felt trapped by a never-ending search for the perfect
job, the ideal spouse, the beautiful home? Campbell proposes spiritual
awareness as a new route to happiness. To facilitate the reader’s
journey to a rich and satisfying life of spiritual connectedness, she
offers personal anecdotes, inspiring quotations from notables, and
advice on everything from dealing with despair to allowing forgiveness
to shape our relations with others.


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