340 pages
ISBN 1-894800-57-5
DDC C813'.6






Reviewed by June M. Blurton

June M. Blurton is a retired speech/language pathologist.


In a tale as gripping and thought-provoking as his novel Riverrun, Peter
Such probes the technological, religious, and cultural changes that
overwhelm North American society in the not-too-distant future.

Set in the year 2039, Earthbaby revolves around the conflict between
the American Protectorates (which include Canada) and the Eurosoviets.
There has been a great die-off of animals, both on land and in the
oceans. Tremaine, the head of NASA, and his working partner have
designed Earthbaby, the first deep-space habitat. Earthbaby is launched
with a crew of five who are to carry out research on the feasibility of
living in a self-sustained environment. Unbeknownst to them, General
Foreman, the evil president of the American Protectorates, has arranged
for nuclear weapons to be added secretly to the payload in the hope of
using them to dominate the world.

The narrative alternates between a third-person account of events on
Earth and a journal kept by Earthbaby’s Social Dynamics Officer,
Lillith Shawnadithit. In both accounts, there is never a dull
moment—near-catastrophes, sex, betrayal, tragedy, rescues, jealousy,
new technologies, and a search for the meaning of life will keep more
than just sci-fi addicts entertained.


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