In Short: Secrets to Make Your Dollars Grow


219 pages
ISBN 0-385-25833-X
DDC 332.6






Reviewed by Monika Rohlmann

Monika Rohlmann is an environmental consultant in Yellowknife, Northwest


Larry Short is a certified general accountant and financial planner who
in 1997 received an award from the Investment Dealers’ Association of
Canada for outstanding service to his community and clients.

Short begins his book with some basics: understanding the difference
between saving and investing, defining personal goals, and choosing a
financial adviser. He then explains the business cycle and uses this
all-important cycle to illustrate various investment tools, including
mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and annuities. In addition to tackling the
“death and taxes” issue, he presents strategies for investing in
riskier sectors such as high tech, gold, mining, and oil and gas.

A reader-friendly layout and lucid explanations will make this book
appealing to novice and advanced investors alike. The author’s focus
on the business cycle takes some of the mystery out of market economics
and provides the reader with one of the most important lessons on how to
achieve financial success.


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