Hiking in Ontario. 2nd ed.


296 pages
Contains Illustrations, Maps, Index
ISBN 2-89464-683-6
DDC 796.51'09713




Reviewed by Louise Karch

Louise Karch is a career consultant with Carswell Partners in London, Ontario.


The 50-plus trail descriptions presented in Hiking in Ontario contain
the information required to plan a successful hike: interesting
features, trailheads, services and facilities, contact information, and
even whether your dog is allowed. The book does an excellent job of
introducing Ontario’s geology, flora, fauna, culture, and history, and
of providing in-depth regional information, such as that the “La
Cloche mountain range was created by volcanoes 3.8 million years ago.”
Author Tracey Arial takes care to thoroughly describe—and
illustrate—what hikers may see, including trees, mammals, endangered
birds, and even the tiniest butterflies.

Cycling in Ontario details 34 cycling routes. For each of the 34
routes, author John Lynes describes the return distance, level of
difficulty, local highlights, historical overview, recommended type of
bicycle, how to get there, contact information, bicycle shops, and types
of accommodation available. This guide is a useful resource for cycling

Ontario’s Bike Paths and Rail Trails opens with advice on how to
travel by bicycle, tips on preparation, safety, and efficient cycling.
It also includes advice on how to travel with children and tourist
contact information for the nine Ontario regions it covers. This guide
is the least comprehensive of the three books under review, but will
suffice for the cyclist who is looking for routes. Those seeking more
information about Ontario’s history, culture, flora or fauna would be
well advised to bring along Hiking in Ontario.


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