Me and My Money


298 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-7715-7620-X
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Reviewed by Monika Rohlmann

Monika Rohlmann is an environmental consultant in Yellowknife, Northwest


Since 1996, the author, a financial writer and speaker, has written a
column for The Globe and Mail. Me and My Money consists of Martin’s
newspaper columns.

The investment stories, told by everyday people, have been grouped into
chapters on conservative investing, risk-taking, system player, mutual
funds, small-cap investing, and fund timing. Each chapter begins with a
review of the fundamentals: the investment tool, the benefits, the
risks, and tips on how to do it yourself or, alternatively, how to use
an investment adviser or stockbroker. Personal investment stories, from
people of all ages and all levels of expertise, complete each chapter.
The final chapter outlines 10 investment rules.

The personal investment stories are interesting and can be effective
teaching tools. While the chapter introductions provide a useful
overview of each investment tool, the top 10 rules reveal nothing new
beyond the usual mantra of brokers and investment advisers: know
yourself, educate yourself, set goals, allocate your assets, diversify,
focus on the long term, be realistic, understand risk, and don’t time
the market.


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